Saturday, December 5, 2009

Right By Nature

There isn't much coming out of the garden these days. We do have some parsnips waiting to be harvested, the salsify that volunteered from last year, and lots of leeks. Hopefully these will be fine in the ground despite the snow flurries we're getting today and the cold weather that is forecast. It is December, after all! (And I STILL haven't cut back the asparagus! Winter always does sneak up on me!)

Sadly, the farmers' markets have all shut down for the year. Since I'm far from being self-sufficient I guess it's back to the grocery store for food shopping. Well I discovered one that I think is worth talking about. It's called Right By Nature. I first spotted it as I was driving around looking for a place to park on one of my weekly trips out to the Firehouse Farmers' Market. After checking out their web site I decided to go in and have a look (there's plenty of parking and it's FREE!) I found local produce, much of it organically grown, local products, and local, ethically-raised, drug-free meats! Although the beef isn’t local, according to the man behind the counter who managed the meat department, he was SO proud of the quality of that beef, and the fact that THIS store was the only one in the area that was offering it . . well, that’s good enough for me. And I was truly impressed by how much he believed in what he was selling. Clearly there's something different about this place. The bottom line is that Right By Nature is a grocery store I would feel good about shopping in on a regular basis. Not only do they support our local farmers but they are part of our own Pittsburgh community, and that's important for the health of our local economy. So the next time you're heading out to East Liberty to go to Whole Foods, why not head out to the Strip instead and try Right by Nature? You'll find just as nice a selection, and the dollars you spend there will stay right here in Pittsburgh!