Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Sack of Potatoes

Well, the potato harvest wasn't quite what I'd hoped. I'd planted two garden bags with seed potatoes (French fingerlings and red fingerlings). As the plants grew I added compost to the bags until they were full. Once the plants started to die back about three weeks ago we harvested the potatoes. The French fingerling potatoes weren't terrifically prolific. In fact, I think we got back pretty much 1 potato for every seed potato we put in! They were beautiful and delicious nonetheless! The red fingerlings did a bit better. I think from both bags we got about 5 pounds of beautiful potatoes. Perhaps not the best return on our investment, but having freshly-dug fingerling potatoes for dinner is, of course, priceless!


Charlotte said...

I have never grown potatoes in a bag. I suppose that makes harvest easier, because you don't have to dig.

Jeannine from Pittsburgh said...

This was the first time I grew potatoes, and the bags did make it pretty simple. The other nice thing about the garden bags is you could use them to grow potatoes in a small space, like on an urban patio.